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electrical repair owensboro ky

Why would you need to switch from a surge panel to a breaker panel? These are questions we get all the time from new home owners! Simply put, most fuse panels are not as safe and are frowned upon by insurance companies. Safety comes first with us and we want to make sure your electrical work is new and installed properly. Your home's electrical system is critical for you and your family's health, safety and integrity of the actual home.
Not only do we deal with swapping out old panels, we also:

•Add circuits
•Replace damaged panels

Your electrical panel plays a major role in supplying power to the entire house. When diagnosing the issue with your electrical panel, we look at the bigger picture. Our experts have over 32 years of experience dealing with commercial and residential electrical matters in Henderson, Owensboro and Madisonville, KY. Don't let your electrical panel get in the way of powering your home.
Contact one of our electrical contractors at 270-830-8844 or fill out one of our forms online to discuss your home project.