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Invest in a Brand-New Water Heater for Your Home

Residential and commercial water heater installation in Henderson, Owensboro & Madisonville, KY

If you are experiencing problems with your water heater that a repair will not fix, turn to the residential water heater install technicians at American Homespec in Henderson, KY. We are educated on the newest designs and codes to make sure your new water heater is safe, efficient, and installed correctly. We also specialize in tankless water heaters for your residential or commercial water heater install project.

Get started on your residential water heater install today and call 270-830-8844.

3 benefits of a tankless water heater

If you are in need of a commercial or residential water heater install in Henderson, Owensboro or Madisonville, KY, you may consider installing a tankless water heater. Unlike a traditional water heater, a tankless water heater provides constant hot water. There are many additional benefits to these types of units, they:

  • Last twice as long as conventional tank water heaters
  • Dramatically reduce your energy costs
  • Provide unlimited hot water – perfect for families and businesses

Call American Homespec today to learn if a tankless water heater installation is right for your commercial water heater install!