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What are reasons that a homeowner might consider getting an installed sump pump? Sometimes your house can be located in an area that is prone to flooding, where the house sits on a steep slope or a lot of water near the foundation of your home. These are all just a few reasons you might consider getting a new sump pump installed in Henderson, Owensboro or Madisonville, KY.
Not sure how a sump pump works? Typically, water flows into the sump pit through a drain or water moving through soil. From there, it is the sump pumps job to pump the water away from the building or crawlspace to keep it dry. Sometimes your sump pump needs to be replaced:

•Old Sump Pump
•No water in the sump pit
•Sump pump noise/running too much
•Substantial amount of plumbing

If you are experiencing any of these signs in Henderson and Owensboro, KY, it may be time to contact our plumbers at American Homespec. Whether you are looking for sump pump replacement, sump pump repair, installation or maintenance, we can help!
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